Together with dedicated founders we can change the traditional system where school is no longer the only place to learn nor home the place to have fun. We want to create a hybrid world where playing=learning, a world where kids play at any time, anywhere!


WHY is Play the Way?

Kids learn naturally
Not by memorizing what adults think they need to
But by experiencing what they know they want to
It’s called play
And it’s powerful
Play to try stuff out
Play to get it right
By getting it wrong
Learning as you go
In fact, they love to learn…
Because, they play

This is HOW we play

HOW we support

Build a great team and culture

Together with our portfolio companies we build a great team by sharing complementary skills, experiences and knowledge.

Scale your activities

Together with our network of experts we help our portfolio companies to deliver in their market.

Realise a Product Market Fit and Traction

Through business development we ensure that our portfolio companies find traction in the edutainment market.

Support Financial stabilty and cash flow continuity

We go all in with your our portfolio companies, having skin in the game by investing in their business!

This is WHAT we play

Our portfolio